Terms & Conditions

Revision guidelines

Faviessaywritings custom essay recommends various revision options in our efforts to make sure that all our client are totally satisfied with our services. For instance, if the client wants to fully benefit from our free revision, he/she should present the paper within fortnight upon first receiving it; well, after this grace period the client will be expected to comply with some revision charges that are normally at their rock bottom. For example in the doubtful occurrence that writer did not follow the customer instructions, the writer is ordered to rewrite the order from scratch again or another writer is assigned this order at no extra cost to the client. Our specialized team work tirelessly to make sure that our clients receive a full satisfaction of their specifications.

Refund guarantee

For instance, in cases whereby the client is not satisfied with the paper immediately after submission here at Faviessaywritings custom essays we will fully refund you on condition that the client request for the same within 72hours. In other words, if the client exceeds three days without requesting for a refund after the submission of the final order no refund will be guaranteed however it is assumed the client was absolutely satisfied with the academic service provided. Once the writer requests for revision after submission of the final paper, no refund will be issued since the client has accepted the paper and all he wants is for it to be amended. Abandonment of any order must be officially done through writing at order dispensation page or otherwise the client can email our dispute order department before the paper is submitted. At Faviessaywritings the client is given full mandate to cancel the order before completion, nonetheless it is significant to note that any amount that has been paid previously in regards to this assignment is not refundable. Some situations reduce a chance for receiving their properly completed academic order in time. Including:

  • Lack of logical instructions

At faviessaywritings.com, the client must provide concise and clear instructions as well as their requirements not forgetting the due date of a particular assignment while placing an order. Consequently, if this is not performed as instructed the client will bare his own blames due to his omissions while placing an order and might end up paying a fresh for the paper.Introduction of new instructions at the middle/submission of the assignment it is chargeable

  • Late payment

We allow our experts to fully start working on an order once the client has fully met the payment for the assignment under consideration. In case of any delay our company will not bare any delay complains experienced by a student who has not fully paid for his assignment.

  • Authentication concerns

Our Company is aware of conmen within the social media to steal from our unsuspecting customers. Our company has invested a lot in order to keep our clients in a safe mode through installing a system that guarantees 100% security for our customer’s money.

  • Discounts

Our Company offer discount or unique offer for one assignment only. To be clear, clients should not apply for a discount or special offer all together for an exacting assignment. we offer discount to frequent clients who order general academic writing services. In other words, it is significant to note that other advanced services might not qualify for similar discounts levels.

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